Industry 4.0 – Condition Monitoring und Predictive Maintenance

Network structure with ControlPlex®® Board

Storage and evaluation of all data logged in machinery and plants is the precondition for solutions on the score of “condition monitoring” and also “predictive maintenance”. Plant transparency is significantly enhanced through the consistency within the systems - always aiming at increasing the system availability.

E-T-A’s intelligent complete systems support the user exactly with this requirement. The ControlPlex® product group ensures transparency in DC24V applications, avoids nuisance tripping and increases production reliability in the plants.

You can trust E-T-A solutions

By constantly enhancing their own product range and by an early entry into the range of electronic solutions, E-T-A has grown from a seller of purely electro-mechanical protection solutions into a specialist for smart and intelligent solutions for DC24V power distribution systems.


  • Equipment and cable protection can flexibly be adjusted
  • Reduces wiring time
  • Allows predictive maintenance
  • Avoids overload of the DC24V power distribution
  • Simply integrate CP tools into an existing system

ControlPlex® Board – intelligent power distribution system for the DC24V level

By means of ControlPlex Board your DC 24 V level now becomes transparent and access options are improved and so is finally the system availability.

The ControlPlex Board system with SVS201-CP (Profinet, Profibus-DP, IO link) combines selective overcurrent protection, power distribution of load circuits and switching or resetting of load circuits with the capability to communicate with the superordinate control systems.

ControlPlex® Board

REX12D-T intelligent protection system with supply module EM12D-TIO

E-T-A provides the ideal solution for machine and panel builders with an intelligent protection system comprising the REX12D circuit protector and the EM12D interface module for connection to IO link.

  • Increases machine availability through IO link connection and offers enhanced transparency and remote diagnosis
  • Saves costs as no further accessories are required
  • Saves time through innovative and flexible mounting and connection technology
  • Saves space as its width is only 12.5 mm for two channels
  • Provides flexibility through ease of assembly or disassembly, modular design and convenient adjustment

More product information

More on the E-T-A product range:

We offer intelligent solutions for control, system diagnosis, power distribution and overcurrent protection for the following industries and applications:

  • Industry (control voltage DC 24 V)
  • Telecommunications and datacom (-DC 48 V, -DC 60 V)
  • Vehicles and boats (DC 12 V, DC 24 V)