Videos & Product Animations

Sometimes it's easier to understand when you can see a product in action. Below you will find E-T-A's videos demonstrating it's latest innovations in circuit protection and relay technology.

Image for page 'Intelligent DC 24 V fuse protection and power distribution solution for machine and plant construction'

Intelligent DC 24 V fuse protection and power distribution solution for machine and plant construction

In this presentation, you will learn how you can intelligently secure and distribute your power with our REX system in machine and plant engineering - all this in an all-in-one solution.

Image for page 'E-T-A C-Box: Intelligent power distribution system for 230 V and 12 V'

E-T-A C-Box: Intelligent power distribution system for 230 V and 12 V

Caravanning rethought: the PowerPlex® C-Box is the all-in-one solution in mobile home electronics.

Image for page 'Increased machine availability due to DC 24 V fuse protection'

Increased machine availability due to DC 24 V fuse protection

Solutions for intelligent condition monitoring in the injection molding industry using the example of Sumitomo (SHI) Demag

Image for page 'CPC12 - the intelligent bus controller in the REX portfolio'

CPC12 - the intelligent bus controller in the REX portfolio

As key component, the CPC12 bus controller connects the REX system to the superordinate control level and continuously transmits the status and load current of the electronic circuit protectors.

Image for page 'REX system: your all-in-one solution'

REX system: your all-in-one solution

REX system for electronic overcurrent protection and power distribution – it's portfolio ensures stable operation, fast troubleshooting and maximum machine and system availability.

Image for page 'REX22 - the extension in the REX portfolio'

REX22 - the extension in the REX portfolio

The REX22 is a electronic circuit breaker, selectively protecting all DC 24 volt load circuits and limiting the output current linearly when switching on or before tripping.

Image for page 'ControlPlex® Rack - the intelligent all-in-one system'

ControlPlex® Rack - the intelligent all-in-one system

ControlPlex®@ Rack is a complete intelligent system for power distribution and overcurrent protection, combined with control and monitoring technology.

Image for page 'SCS200 - Intelligent Power Distribution'

SCS200 - Intelligent Power Distribution

The SCS200 is an intelligent power distribution system for controlling and protecting larger loads. It is specially designed for construction machinery, agricultural machinery and special vehicles.

Image for page 'Introducing The Next Generation of the 3120'

Introducing The Next Generation of the 3120

The 3120 circuit breaker switch combination is a time and cost savings solution for equipment and machines. As an on off switch it also reliably disconnects over current.

Image for page 'Discover the Accessories Available for the 3120-N'

Discover the Accessories Available for the 3120-N

The 3120 version with push in connection technology is globally unique. Thanks to consistently high spring forces at the terminal it ensures a permanently stable cable connection.

Image for page 'IP65 rated E-T-A 3120 rocker-actuated circuit breaker'

IP65 rated E-T-A 3120 rocker-actuated circuit breaker

For applications in harsh environmental conditions, E-T-A offers the 3120 circuit breaker switch combination with an integrated seal. The new seal is IP65 rated.

Image for page '3120 Circuit breakers/switch combination'

3120 Circuit breakers/switch combination

Protecting and switching with a single device. E-T-A's 3120 circuit breaker switch combination is a professional all-in-one solution for various applications.

Image for page 'HVR10 High voltage Contactor'

HVR10 High voltage Contactor

E-T-A's HVR10 is the most powerful high-voltage contactor in the market. It’s ideal for vehicles with electrified power trains as well as charging stations and energy storage.

Image for page 'MPR/HPR Power relays'

MPR/HPR Power relays

E-T-A power relays are ideal for switching high current loads up to 300 amps as well as battery management in buses, trucks, construction machinery, specialty vehicles and more...

Image for page 'E-T-A automotive solid state relay ESR10'

E-T-A automotive solid state relay ESR10

The ESR10 micro is a compact and cutting edge automotive solid state relay. It's suitable for all vehicles, from passenger cars to utility vehicles, buses and more…

Image for page 'Electronic Overcurrent Protection'

Electronic Overcurrent Protection

Electronic overcurrent protection in DC 24 volt applications provides fast detections and resolution of overcurrent and short circuits. This significantly increases productivity.

Image for page 'ESX10-T Electronic Circuit Protector'

ESX10-T Electronic Circuit Protector

Electronic DC 24 V circuit protectors help detect overcurrents and short circuits in your machinery faster. This significantly increases machine uptime.

Image for page 'ESS30-S ensure top system availability'

ESS30-S ensure top system availability

Permanent availability is a top priority. For a reliable DC 24-volt protection, you need electronic overcurrent protection. It reliably detects overcurrent and short-circuits, and features a selectable trip limit.

Image for page 'EBU – Electronic Breaker Unit'

EBU – Electronic Breaker Unit

E-T-A unveils a world first: the EBU (Electronic Breaker Unit), a newly designed hybrid protective element for a stable energy security of UPS systems.

Image for page 'E-T-A Power distribution modules - tailored exactly to your needs'

E-T-A Power distribution modules - tailored exactly to your needs

The modular system massively reduces project run time. Load terminals in push-in technolog, decoupling diodes with integral heat sink, protection by means of electronic or electro-mechanical circuit breakers.

Image for page 'REX12-T - now also with IO-Link'

REX12-T - now also with IO-Link

Industry 4.0 is based on the collection, storage, and evaluation of all data from machines and systems. E-T-A's REX system provides: Machine transparency, time savings, space savings, and design flexibility.

Image for page 'Module 18Plus Power Distribution System'

Module 18Plus Power Distribution System

The 18plus power distribution system is a complete mounting and power distribution system with push-in technology for DIN rail mounting that provides panel builders with modularity, flexibility, and efficiency.